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Information Technology

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving trends in sync with client demands while keeping in mind the best practices, we at ERSA, have come up with razor sharp technology solutions that can offer you the breakthrough you were much longing for. Avante garde features coupled with essential augmentation, offering scope for incessant growth define our services. Relentless support to scale rising demands and modernize processes to reap optimum benefits encapsulates our technological endeavors.

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Retail Services

Considering the raging trend involving e Commerce, the retail industry has undergone revolutionary change in terms of newer ways to make customer experience more seamless and preference specific. We aim at tapping consumer behavior and focus at using it to encourage innovations that suits global choices. Providing you with a plethora of options, we respect the need for informed decision making in a crowded marketplace as per international quality standards. 

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Staffing & Recruitment

 We at ERSA firmly believe in the contribution of a workforce to catapult a business to glorious heights is manifold. The expertise and active engagement of a vibrant employee base tacitly support in the creation of a brand. Considering the meaningful inputs that each of them come up with in correlation with the project at hand results in the amalgamation of innovation and diligence. Thereby, analytics coupled with understanding consumer behavior at both subjective and objective levels serve in shaping up the end product that is closely in sync with the demands of the market. Taking all of the aforementioned requirements into consideration we are committed to providing you those brains which possess the skills that make a difference not only to your revenues but also to your quality.

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Dealing in the dicey waters of the capital market for quite some time now, we understand the value of experience in offering you exceptional investment management that promises windfall returns. Focusing on the core factors to consolidate your position in the volatile market, we ensure your investments are diversified and fortified against drastic fluctuations. Offering you the right insights on the raging market status, we aim at managing a versatile investment portfolio immune to a compromise at the personal level- it is all about strategy and intuition based on experience you see.

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